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모델명 MV-ID3004M-12S-WBN


    0.4 MP Smart Code Reader


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    0.4 MP Smart Code Reader

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    Key Feature

    • Adopts CMOS sensor to acquire image data and provide high-quality image.

    • Adopts built-in deep learning algorithm to read barcodes.

    • Adopts multiple IO interfaces for input and output signals.

    • Adopts OK/NG, PWR, STS and LNK indicators for displaying different statuses.

    • Supports multiple communication protocols, including TCP, Serial, FTP, Profinet, etc.

    Available Model

    12.4 mm focal length: MV-ID3004M-12S-WBN



    Model Name 0.4 MP Smart Code Reader
    Type MV-ID3004M-12S-WBN
    Performance Symbologies 1-dimensional code: Code 128, Code 39 2-dimensional code: QR, DM
    Max. Frame Rate 60 fps
    Max. Reading Speed 60 codes/s
    Sensor type CMOS, global shutter
    Pixel size 6.9 µm x 6.9 µm
    Sensor size 1/2.9"
    Resolution 704 × 512
    Exposure time 16 μs to 1 s
    Gain 0 dB to 40 dB
    Mono/color Mono
    Communication protocol SmartSDK, TCP Client, TCP Server, Serial, FTP, Profinet
    Electrical features Interface 17-pin M12 interface provides power, Ethernet, digital IO, and serial port
    Ethernet Fast Ethernet
    Digital IO Non-isolated input x 3 (LineIn 0/1/2), non-isolated output x 3 ( LineOut 0/1/2), RS-232 x 1. Device trigger via pressing button on top supported.
    Power supply 12 VDC to 24 VDC
    Max. power consumption < 19.8 W@24 VDC
    Mechanical Lens Focal Length 12.4 mm (0.5")
    Lens mount M12-mount, manual focus supported
    Lens cap Transparent lens cap. Polarization lens cap is optional
    Light source Spotlight white light. Spotlight red or blue, wide-angle white or blue light is optional
    Indicator Power indicator (PWR), network indicator (LNK), status indicator (STS), result indicator (OK/NG)
    Dimension 65.2 mm x 65.2 mm x 42 mm (2.6" x 2.6" x 1.7")
    Weight Approx. 240 g (0.5 lb.)
    Ingress protection IP67 (under proper installation of waterproof lens cap)
    Temperature Working temperature: 0 °C to 50 °C (32 °F to 122 °F) Storage temperature: -30 °C to 70 °C (-22 °F to 158 °F)
    Humidity 20% to 95% RH, without condensation
    General Client software IDMVS